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Knowledge It’s A Tool


Is America Waking Up?
Was she ever sleeping?

The signs of the time, perhaps an extremely planned out plot to weaken the greatest country in the world. Break it and embarrass it, humiliate America to it’s knees …begging for help.

Bit by bit to me doesn’t sound so far off thee edge any longer.
I recently purchased a film called “A Wolfe In Sheeps Clothing”.

As this documentary unfolded, it was like each piece of the puzzle, like in the films history fit together.
It made total sense and in each planned phases since 1930’s and 1940’s to bring this master plan to flotation.

The majority of American’s with any common decency see this list either happening now or has already happened.

1. Abortion- a country murdering human life.

2. Sex education- Tick for your 12 yrs old to practice safe sex.

3. Birth Control – Handed out for prevention and all it did was double teenage pregnancy.

4. Gradually sex became the normal for dating.

5. Then living together became the normal.

6. Co-habitation became the new family, and having children one right after thee other. Play house with no house rules.

7. Single parent homes, things don’t last.
One to another partner, and things rarely keep stable and balanced.

Domestic Violence
Grandparents financially support their child and their children.
Unemployed free loading.
Lack of serious commitment to care for the welfare of children.
Leaving children with someone other than a parent who has no vested interest and the child is abused, neglected. There is no connection or instinct to protect and care for them like blood.
No home structure…bedtimes, meals and homework supervised by a parent.

Video Games, movies and technology have raised this new generation.
Family life suffers…there is no family enjoying life.

It’s every one with technology in their hands.
Talking, caring and being compassionate are obsolete.

God the one true one.. is on thee hit list by media.
Our church, our rights and our work.
It’s hard to conceive this was a master plan by a secret society but it was, and they infiltrated even the Vatican.

Taking our guns away will not stop insane people with knives, guns or any other weapon. The black market in the streets…it will provide the gun for these ill people.

Arming “trained staff” or “Veterans” key word trained…the incidence of mass shooting will stop. The history speaks for itself…”no gun zones” are dangerous, 98% of mass killings take place in “no gun zones”.
If an assailant knows their going to get shot they’ll chooses to avoid it.
Their cowards, they go where the targets are open season.

Excuses me for being blunt. My heart is sick for these parents and sibling and friends who lost their love ones in the shooting in Florida.
But this is a no brainer, just like airports where we protect people from crazies. We need armed carriers in school buildings.
We cannot be forced to give up on our rights to bare arms and protect our homes and family. A very small percentage of insanity obtains guns and uses them to commit crime.
Most good American’s who own a gun will never uses it other than to protect their children and family.
Tennessee crime rate, Texas crime rate is none. Its is not Chicago’s crime rate shootings regularly. Chicago is a gun free zone, there are more killings in Chicago than anywhere else in the USA.
Again schools gun free zones, college campus gun free, night club in Florida gun free zone.
How many might have survive if people were carrying consealed weapons. One may be two shoot …instead of 6-15- 17- 23 etc. One is to many, but it would detour people like Cruz from even trying.
America needs not to buy directly into this plan of over throwing a broken USA.
We need thee age to purchase increased, stronger mental health services and long term treatment.
We can get back to loving our family, respecting our parents and parents, and others.
We can put down the video games, talk, play laugh and teach our kids to be normal.

We can shut out immoral TV contents, by changing the channel. Rates will suffer and the message will come to them loud and clear. Stop the garbage or we will put you out of business. Sponsor need good programs so take a stand. Sex, is out…LGB is out…The liberal atmophere is out. Fake media is gone, we need peace of mind. Shut off all the media hype.



So many filtering in from other countries and a movement by the liberals in society to bend and restructure the fibers that makes this country strong on our forfathers ideals of freedom.
God was a part in their deep contemplation as they laid down the foot prints that have survived and worked for centuries
They did not just pool all their thought’s in one day. It was pain staking travel, seperated from their families. Their words were thoughtout and considered for the long run of history. All thinking levels were applied to test their theory’s.
They were well aware of the cost …lack of freedom,… for history had presented those times of war and hardship.

It must stand through time and uphold the laws of freedom and democracy.
For every man or woman should labor and freely prosper, and move and be free of infringement or interference of government.
The drawing board was revisited and more restraint from the government was place to protect the freedom of all.
Every ship that enter to dock with new legal immagrants dreamed, a dream that many before them dreamed while waiting their turn.
They knew America had laws and rules to protect them from war and harm. Speech, and religion were owned by all. Where they could work and own their own piece of America and bare arms to protect it and their family they love.

They came , worked and built upon a generations lived in peace, morally and practicing their faith in peace without force or attack on another.
One church a neighbor to another faith were friends.

Then came infringements on American traditions, and laws and religion and pressing by some to remove arms.
Then came greed, power and division and slaughtering of infants in the country that stood for protecting it’s all human life… people appualled at China for slaughtering millions.
We listen to evil with a long range plans has deafen any possible clarity…choas confuses truth.
A country that kills the most defenseless of all humans will suffer by God and beg on their knees.
Legislators who claim to believe God created them, defy that same creators will for life in the wound.

Each child was conceive by participating in unprotected sex.
Abortions performed are not incessants, nor rape, it all about choice.
Make a few sensible choices” uses protection during intercourses sex’s, choose to plan ahead, reframe from sex, and choose not to make killing your own flesh and blood, your child a choice.
Responsible in contol of your body happens before sex and someone gets pregnant.

The things that are happening in this country are a long range plan. To change America into the same ideals of Communists. God help us if they succeed.

America needs prayers and proactive citizens. Real hero’s👼

Loving many activities bring escape and balance.

As a young child I dreamed of many things, my greatest dream was to read. Reading without stuttering through each word and finally bring the sentence to a full thought. In order to achieve comprehension, the words have to flow into meaning… connect.

I recall sitting in class in a private school, and 29 children learning to read. I was delayed in writing and reading but my verbal skills revealed a child with higher than average intellegence. Weird because we think knowledge is acquire by reading. There was a barrier between the visual to the processing to verbal. Later in life that barrier was over come but it took special books from a beginners college reading book. It started with two sentences and question and grow as I progressed in the books. Three work books one teaching me not to hang on ever word.
It took a few years, but God and I in the silents of my heart learned.

I recall science programs and history programs my dad would watch and I sponge up every drop. I have a gift of detailed memory.

Math was a language spoken by aliens… until I was actually in my twenties. Fractions were from another language on that had not been discovered yet.

I tried so hard, it caused anxiety and a feeling of isolation and failure. How come I can’t read like everyone else?

According to others including family members… I was lazy, stubborn, distracted and only interested in fooling around. My fault! NOT!

That fooling evolved when the children in my class made fun of me. I was laughed at and teased and embarrassed by especially other girls.

In time part of my shielding was being the class clown. Yes they laughed …while inside I was screaming for someone to set me free.

It was not good on the impression meter. I left private school for 9th grade public school where mean is an understatement.

By the time I hit ninth grade I was put into and dropped out of reading resources classes three times. Gee I even got enrolled into “Black History”.
I showed up for that class and Mr.Fontes was uncomfortable…not me. No books, open conversations about the history of blacks in the USA. I truly was not intimidated. But blonde hair blue eyes, pale face scared others. I had black friends, Victor Sores URI 🏀. I was a believe of all of us are created equal…then we choose our path.

My Reading Resource teachers in 9th grade came to me and said, “Dorr they’re dropping your reading class”. She was concerned for me, and said ,”my mom needed to fight.”

Mom had so much going on with our family and one of my siblings had a crippling illness and she was going back and fourth to Boston Hospitals.

I.. in total honesty don’t understand how I graduated 9th grade?

Entering high school I was lost, and that shield became a chip. I was quiet and tried to blend in but those student from private school followed.

I was blessed with a singing voice and it was my escape. Music is a theraphy not only mentally, but spiritually.

My older two sisters sang in the girls high school chorus and encouraged me to join. To my surprise I got on. It was one positive thing an attraction to attend school. I looked forward to that class and rehearsals. Finally something I could do well.

In the second half of my junior year it was announced, some selective students were going to be able to experiences, out of school job experiences.

I was assigned to a pre-k class not far from my home. In essences God knew about the whole thing. Later my path would prove it. But I never set out on it with knowledge.

I was a glorified babysitter for the teaches cigarette breaks and coffee breaks.

Feeling tossed aside. At the beginning of my senior year the program was washed. Where I’m I going now? No english, reading or any other subject. Everyone had a whole year of all those subjects.

I began to skip school allot, and just riding around with my friends. Thank God I never got into big trouble or substance abuse. Tried pot, and drank a few times..not my gig.
But it truly opens your eye, as to why this world has gone off track.

I was tossed out the chorus because I smoked cigarettee(with my parents permission). Barred from the trip to Portugal , because a prominent set of parents would keep their daughter home if she roomed with me.
Later the girl in college got into big bad drugs. I was married at eighteen and we reconnected, she told me about the drugs and I was a mother and was going to protect my children. I never called her or saw her again.

Her mom was afraid of me, I wasn’t into drugs nor were my friend most were part of that program flop and were lost academically.
I lost the one thing that link me to that building.

In English once they were reading a book, and I was randomly chosen to read out loud. Of course the answer was “no” but a discussion erupted about angels..I knew about angels and I gave my “two cents”. After class one of those girls approached me and said, “Dorr I never knew you were so smart”. She was one of the major bullies from private school.

But know one knew the barrier but me, …I thought.

I left school four months before graduations. I took a job in a retail store and strange things happened. I worked weighing things, I learned weights, dividing and codes. Me ? Hands on!😏

In a years time I was managing 3 departments.

I was hands on and visual learner and auditory. Show me, let me, tell me…memories great!

Once I mastered things by twenty three I was studying slowly and slowly gaining ground.The boys were blessed with abilities beyond my own and they were honor students. Years went by and I thought, I needed my GED. That’s a new chapter. A friend name Peter from school.

Be aware of your children’s needs, don’t judge. Be their advocate and give them the ability to saw.

I found my knowledge and abilities in helping people to over come their fears, those barriers. It’s God’s hidden gift all those years ago in that elementry school. Advocating for education is my passion.
Photography and music and painting and writing come second but they balance out who I am and give time to life.

Losing A Mom Gaining A Saint.

Where to start my mother was a strong, spiritual mom. Never speaking publically of all her trials or looking for consoling from another human.
Mom met dad in Elementry school, she said “I knew in 5 th grade he was for me… and he knew I was for him.
image Mary & Maddie 60 years

Rocky roads came and left but that love she said, never died.
She knew his story better than the world. She never gave up on someone she love.

Mom and dad loved music, they sang together in clubs in the ladder 1930’s early 1940’s.

We grew up with allot of music ….and a gifted family.

My siblings and mom and mom sister Mary would sing during our visit to my grandmother home. In our 20’s and 30’s myself and siblings sang as “Close Company”.. All the kids grew up singing music…and it did spread. Christmas Holiday’s Thanksgiving night the house packed and guitars, keyboard and drum.

Lives pattern
Mom sort God for everything, even asking God to reach others hearts. The ones closed to conversation, the ones who in order to trust them, you have to relinquish them to God.

God never said, no to Maddie, she never asked for herself, she was worried for souls.

Her thought, “when you give something over to God, you don’t step back in with your mere human solution.”… You can force someone further away. Your responsible for pushing a soul away from God.

Not all return, you have to be an good example of God’s will. Your life, your actions and your faith and prayers are the light that radiate from these qualities.

My educator in my life, …until her end was Maddie…My Mom❤

She was thee example of humility, knowledge beyond this earth. Strength from the grace she acquired in her silent sacrifices.

My mother lost four of her children, before she past. All from ages 2 months, 8 years old, 42 yrs old, and 47 yrs old.

Each painful, and a lingering sting, but she never asked… “Why?”

She never displayed bitterness nor anger.

Mom said when asked how she could move forward…her response, “faith”, ” my children your belong to God. … God knows HIS plan for each of us, and HE loves them more than any human love and they are with HIM . Their safely on their way home.”

My mother got up every morning early and made grapenut custard pudding, or “Irish sweet bread” her mom’ s receipe.
There were mornings of ceral, and homemade oatmeal and Brown sugar, cinnamon and raisin, …toast and eggs. Then there were days of syrup on bread or cheese and just syrup on bread.

We did not have allot of money, she was a solo parent allot, my dad was absent for three years and his job kept him occupied. All ten children knew what a loving parent was and treasured her.

Mom was proud and I can’t fathom how she must have mustard up the strength to beg for enough money to buy bread and cheese. But she did…years ago S&H green stamps was a big collector for shopper in New England. They collected books and were able to purchase household items. She went to a parking lot at a market and traded her stamps for bread and cheese.

We attend Catholic School by the kindness of family. But we did not have thee extras. But I don’t recall feeling short changed.

We lived on the beach, a beautiful home then and today. My dad brought it burned down for $5000 and built it brick by brick, with the help of my mom’s brothers and cousins.

When there’s that much love in a parent, you rarely feel left out.

Mom adopted every kid that came through her door. She shared a cup of tea and a story of hope in God.  Many friends recall the casserole of tuna fish and peas and pasta. It was loved by many.

Corn beef hash…a bunch of mashed potatoes and a can of Hornel corn beef mashed in with butter.

I wish kids today could feel the warmth of Maddie’s heart. There is just ” no substitute” for a neighborhood home to take refuge with a cup of tea a few cookies and some wisdom from Maddie.

She taught us loving someone is only good if your not expecting anything back..

Forgive each other and moving on and letting go meant you could be like Christ in HIS Mercy. Forgive even if someone can’t. Never be a prisoner of anger, frustration and unresolved. It makes for ugly.

We might not have owned new cloth, sneakers or bikes, but as we grew up, we realized we had something allot of the more wealthier kids didn’t have… a mother who was completely selfless.

Maddie past away 2015, she was 95 years old. Up till 2 weeks before her stroke she was out for breakfast on Tuesday as always with her best girlfriend Mary of 60 years.
She buried four children, her husband to whom she loved and care for before he past at 87 years old of cancer.

You would fine her at 1:00 AM on her knees next to him praying away his fear of dying.

She would insisted on “hands in caring for him”, “till death do us part”.

Over one hundred combination of grandchildren, great and great, great majority in our small town.

The family deeply respected Maddie because of her love for God and her “Life Light”. The way to God.

Loving the creative soul of Aspergers Autism.

As an advocate I’ve assisted parent in countless IEP’s Individual Educational programs.

Everyone’s unique… becauses no two children are the same or learn the same.

We all have learning styles, which for some …one method to achieve a goal…differs from another method to achieve the same goal. 

Forcing the same methodologies on all students is a guarantee to lose those who’s learning styles do not cross over to the majority.

I am going to call Carol Burnette and ask her to get her bucket and mope out and help with unblocking the road. Seeing such a brilliant,…intelligent actress depict a  hilarious cleaning lady…just reminds me that everyone has something there made for in this world.

Learning Style Differences is like going two different routes and meeting at the same destination. I travel to our local super market through back roads to shorten the lights, and stops for school buses and it 2 minutes shorter and less gas. Wow, does everyone think like me. There are four or five other routes.

But truly, this is how I drive and plan out my trips.

When I am studying, there’s always music on in the backround.  My belief,.. it prevents my mind the “sub-conscious level” from everything around me. So soft music helps.

It’s all in how the individual approaches or comes to the same understanding, …that’s the missing link.

Hands on learner, are those who would benefit with papers, instructional processing  and blackboard interaction. Taking part in writing, seeing and supervision in the processing out come. 

Auditory learners can follow lectures with some visual aid and blackboard instructions. Again the verbal response would indicate the level of absortion. They tend to drift with too much written instruction or reading. Recording, video are a good source.

Visual learners can learn with seeing the process and hearing the lesson and hands on.  Visual is where they’ll take the majority of information to compile the lesson and aborb information. Video, plays and  movies and reading,computers and technology, and mechanical objects are their strong point.

Now to the multi- task learner…that’s me,  learning by all three prompts. It re-enforces all the information, and obsortion is faster and ready to roll.   

I tend to think ahead, which can cause me to “lose structure” in writing or letters because my mind knows the information and wants to put it out, but my typing or writing is slower than my ability to process.  So less attention is paid to word usage like, (an attorney) …becomes-(and the attorney)…(their house) becomes (there house). Verbal, is my strongest point and my articulation is a far runner from my outputting in written skills. 

Have they improved yes over 50 years and still counting for sure.

So with all this said, what is the solution.

Do you remember when the papers were past out memograph sheets.. in spelling, English, science, geography and so on, well there lies the solution.

Some how the department of education thought, ” lets take away those prompts. Let make it one style of learning…simplifying learning.” Wrong! More independent learning development skills. We need to go back. Every teacher learns all three learning styles. So…

Not knowing, the words”Learning Styles” back 30-40 years ago. But the styles of teaching were there, the labels were missing.


It clogged up the avenues for students from grade 4th-12th that differed drastically from the basic learning style of instruction to independant learning…they fell through the huge hole.

So many just exist in programs, others seek freedom from isolation in a situation they did’t move forward in. They will isolate at home and social interaction will become less. No good! 

Aspergers is distinct in that there are signs.

Allot of them love cats, or dogs, rabbits and care greatly, feeling their animal is loyal. Its security for them. I’ve observed three young men with Aspergers Autism and they cling to their faithful cat. Want to bring their cats where ever they are giving them secure and sense of companionship. Their not alone!

They could build a world with in their home with their trusted cat.

Aspergers is very complex, and differs with an array of other mental impairment that can affect social skills and now with computer technolgy many if bullied by people who don’t understand them will retreat to safety and communication with games. Peer games are virtual and detach from anyone being accessible to them emotionally as to abusive them.

But I observed fowl language and frustation, anxiety and even bring harm to themselves to avoid the truama from each session of abuses in school, work or in a mall. Being bullied or being accussed of being the problem they retreat to isolation which further damages social skills. Not a good combination.

I do find amazing,.. the need for consistency and no disruption, or changes. Most diagnosed with Aspergers Austism are literally disrupted by sudden change.

You say you coming at 12AM, it’s not 12:10PM.

You say Tuesday, and your a no show, you are on their hurt list and you just disrupted their flow.

Every day is a need for orginization. I’ve witnessed, one woman who if you up root her flow too much, she shuts down in the flow.

Keeping her home organized, orderly, cleaning regularly and keeping records to total losted. 

Their usually very intelligent, and possess special abilities in art, or numbers, or technology.

Their very sensative and again, this is a double edge sword.

Now for the good news with many, social skills and a tendency to with draw… are working against one another we can turn the tide to balance these skills.

So what needs to happen is to remove the barriers of communication on both sides.

Training for staff on gradual development of “social understanding”…”social communication”…and “comprehension of communication”.

Thinking disorders can improve.

It’s like teaching your children to speak the ABC but not write with them.

From pre-school through high school we need to intergrade thinking skills, and social interaction. How and what does it mean, and how it affects me and what and how do I respond to it. 

It does work…but it takes schools and home being consistent, and it work.

If over several year you assist in developing a stress free thought pattern the end results will be better cooping, better intergrading in society. Being comfortable is something we all like in our surroundings. I retreat from functions at times that are just not comfortable. Lets face it, we all do.

Aspergers Austism is here to stay, it’s time to pave a new way.


Parent Advocate over 25 years.

Mental illness and erratic behavior.

There are so many websites and programs for your loved one addiction, but some won’t seek help on their own.

Twenty two years of drugs and alcohol and jail, which should have never happened.

Treatment …consistent, in house treatment…in a mental health facility that handles addictions.

In house rehabilitation treatment centers court ordered.

Family are left to finally give up and their love one ends up a burden for society for decades or commiting suicide or crimes.

We need mental health and corrections facility.

We can treat addictions and send a message to the offenders.

No contact orders if not, should be a two way street.

If you have an order and you get caught living together, riding together etc Both should be found guility of violation.

  • Too many uses it as a discipline for cheating, or control. If he’s a threat why is she doing riding around with him?
  • Why is she smiling and laughing with him in 40 different outfits in photos, different dates and functions. Because she chases him down. “No ones having her man”.
  • If this is a situation of risk, you get out. You don’t keep going back.
  • There has to be a cost for both. Stop or you’ll both be in violation of the order.
  • I watch women choose a man over her children. Those children were second rate, not his children but hers.
  • No food, no hot water, one guy or/ woman after another. The kids are in the middle, have no choice in their mind.

Its so wonder the kids are suffering issues too.

When do we get treatments available. Families in pieces, and a revolving situation.

Doing it right…does work and it should not take 22 yrs.